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AFF Cup champion, Duy Manh did not forget the gratitude for "silent heroes" at My Dinh

Cập nhật: 02 thg 1, 2019 lúc tháng 1 02, 2019
Today, Vietnam has a final match against Malaysia under the cheers of more than 40,000 fans in My Dinh. Due to the terrible pressure of the visitors, especially in the last minutes of the match, Do Duy Manh still played extremely focused and repeatedly solved the goal was held by Dang Van Lam.

After the final whistle was lifted and the pressure was relieved, Duy Manh celebrated the second AFF Cup championship in history, the title "Golden Stars" waiting for the past decade. . But different from teammates, he ran right to the stands to share with the fans.

After seeing a fan missing the Vietnamese flag down the field, Duy Manh did not hesitate, picked it up and put on his shoulder to celebrate.

He wears a Vietnamese hat and holds a picture of Uncle Ho. Surrounded by police soldiers, fire protection, the team tasked with ensuring the AFF Cup finals takes place in an absolutely safe way.

Duy Manh took pictures with the silent heroes at My Dinh today.

Vietnamese fans have lit flares in the beginning of the match. Fortunately, the fire fighting soldiers have intervened in time.