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Van Quyen, Quang Hai & story of drawing people ... super products

Cập nhật: 02 thg 1, 2019 lúc tháng 1 02, 2019
We are slowing down to Quang Hai's goal against South Korea's U23 in the match against South Korea U23. In fact, to say that is a product of installation or programming as a machine will have many people protesting. And the reason was given, the Korean team's defender was a bit subjective when he left Van Hau over too sweet. In the last paragraph, Hanoi FC player paid the ball as if drawing a straight line across the edge of the penalty area 5m50.

Cong Phuong waited there as a transfer station. However, Phuong does not need any crane to support. Just a lift of the foot, Phuong has made Korean U23 defense "broken" completely. Quang Hai is the finisher with a left-footed shot, sending the ball into the far corner. Vietnamese fans sitting in front of the screen "happy in people" because no one dared to believe, that beautiful goal came from that early. Most importantly, the team was conceded by the Korean U23, which is considered a "bugaboo" tournament.

Quang Hai is playing very well

Contemplating Quang Hai's goal made us remember the only goal of Van Quyen to win against Korea's team 15 years ago. As a coincidence, Quyen "fat" has just passed her twenties like Quang Hai now. The historic moment came in the 73rd minute at the Asian Cup 2004 qualifier, Van Quyen went on to control and released a very high level finish. Being a witness 15 years ago, Nguyen Tuan Phong, the author who performed the "miraculous" road to Van Quyen, had to say: "Quang Hai is the outstanding and dangerous player of U23 Vietnam. like Vietnam Phone at this time ”.

In his view, the former Vietnamese defender said: "I am not surprised with Quang Hai's goal because he is the one who creates 'super products'. Say so to see, Hai is a special player. That specialness came from the fact that he was assigned a midfielder with a right foot. In fact, not every left-footed player is qualified to play against the wing. In this position, he must have good technical qualities to be able to drive the ball at his disposal. Moreover, if the left-footed player plays against the wing well, the right-back player will be able to easily pick up the ball and is difficult to catch the lesson. ”

Speaking of the "curve" that Quang Hai drew on the Korean U23 net, he may have to recall the other goals of the midfielder. The closest is the two great products against U23 Myanmar at the M-15 tournament and they are all good kicks in the left leg very much following a completely similar drama. Also added, the author of these two passes is the author of the foot lift - Cong Phuong. “I think it is a smart lift of Cong Phuong. However, Quang Hai's ability to occupy space and propose a solution to solve the situation has nothing to say, ”Tuan Phong said.

Quang Hai scored again and it was a goal of a player who was no longer a "star" but a true star of Vietnamese football. With Quang Hai, we have more hopes and beliefs for the future.