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Duc Thang: Phan Van Duc is too lethal and personality

Cập nhật: 02 thg 1, 2019 lúc tháng 1 02, 2019
Only "picked up" after what has been shown impressively in UU UK U21 and international U21 2017 but Phan Van Duc is a factor creating a mutation in U23 Vietnam. Initially, SLNA's players were only "side-by-side" but the times when they were thrown into the field in the group stage, Phan Van Duc always left a bold mark.

Phan Van Duc had a great maturity with his attacks. Photo: Anh Khoa
It is the display of impressive 21-year-old player that helped him be coach Park Hang Seo selected in the starting lineup in the quarter-final against Iraq U23. With a strong physical foundation, good tactical vision and acumen, Phan Van Duc is a prominent factor in the victory of U23 Vietnam.

In extra time, in the context of being led, but the ability to choose a good position helps the midfielder have space and time to defeat the opponent's goalkeeper. Phan Van Duc's 2-2 equalizer was the tie of the match.

Coach Park Hang Seo's teachers have fought hard to win the choking victory on the shootout and win tickets to the semifinals. As a mentor to Phan Van Duc since the new player entered SLNA training, Coach Nguyen Duc Thang couldn't help but be touched. The voice is still trembling, hoarse because of the screaming of the neck, the coach of Nghe team expressed: "It was really surprising, very surprised with what Germany has shown".

Calmly, Coach Duc Thang had many unknown stories about the boy who had this rapid advance. “Surprisingly, thinking about it is not surprising. Germany is very confident and personality. The lingering substance that was always available in it only waited until the outbreak. At the match against this Iraq U23, he was stubborn, cool, "Mr. Thang gave praise to his pupil.

Few people know, before that, Phan Van Duc is a person full of personality but quite rash.

After saying it for a while, Coach Duc Thang's voice stopped and had a little choking. He told me, when he was a child, Germany was a rash and very playful. Young people, having fun, is inevitable. His family is also in the situation. The mother was sick and had to treat everywhere, to Saigon. My brother had to quit school to go to Russia to earn a living. Family is hard, young people lack thinking so they feel sorry for it.

However, since being discovered by coach Duc Thang and brought to SLNA youth training furnace, the quality is very strong and personality is promoted on the football field. "Germany is confident, brave and capable. He dedicated himself to training, not to be rash, to play like a youth. That revelation and personality is revealed on the training ground and in every game. Although the second season of V.League rock but Germany is one of the players full of bravery, "Coach Duc Thang can't help but be proud of his students.

“However, this is just the beginning. Please consider it a motivation to develop, not be complacent, ”said SLNA's strategist.