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Vietnam U23 is never equal to Cong Vinh, Van Quyen!

Cập nhật: 02 thg 1, 2019 lúc tháng 1 02, 2019
History of the Golden Ball title in Vietnam recorded, Pham Van Quyen is the youngest player to win this noble title. Emerging from the final round of the Asian U16 tournament in 2000, Van Quyen was soon called up to U20 teams and U23 Vietnam.

For then, only 19 years old, Nghe player has shown the way for U23 Vietnam to win the 2003 SEA Games silver medal at home. The goal in the final against Thailand showed great qualities for an outstanding player of Vietnamese football then.

And yet, in 2003, Van Quyen defeated the Korean team, who was fourth in the World Cup with a high-heeled shot. Closing a memorable year, Van Quyen conquered the title of the highest peak for a Vietnamese player in his new age 19.
Van Quyen and Cong Vinh won the Vietnam Golden Ball when they were very young . 
Same age Van Quyen, U23 Vietnam star staging at the moment is only competing in the U19 Asian tournament but not enough level to hold both the youth team and the team as Decision fat used to do. Unfortunately, only 2 years later, Van Quyen Van Quyen career went down without braking.

In 2004, one year after winning the Golden Ball, Vietnamese football prodigy was busy running ads to the point of deterioration. Arriving at the 2005 SEA Games, this player was involved in the most famous selling of Vietnamese football history. Then, when returning, the light of eternity left forever from Van Quyen.

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Losing the number one Vietnamese football prodigy, but fans quickly paid off with an equally talented name, Le Cong Vinh. At the age of 19, Cong Vinh also conquered the 2004 Golden Ball title with outstanding achievements on the pitch.

Even though, the name Le Cong Vinh was too submerged compared to a 16-year-old Van Quyen made everyone look up. Even until 18 years old, Cong Vinh was able to join a team of SLNA.

Only 22 years old, Le Cong Vinh won 3 Vietnamese Golden Balls. 
However, the success at JVC Cup 2003 with the title of the 2004 National Cup Scorer helps Cong Vinh become the best domestic player of the year. CV9 emerged at the same time Van Quyen slumped to the point of not being called into the national team by Tavares.

To that end, Cong Vinh becomes the youngest player to own the most Vietnamese Golden Balls. Only 22 years old, SLNA club player has 3 gold balls in hand. After the Van Quyen event, the Vietnamese football stage seems to be reserved for Cong Vinh.
The current U23 player in Vietnam is very difficult to reestablish the achievement of Van Quyen and Cong Vinh.
V.League's best player title in 2 consecutive seasons 2006, 2007 with impressive achievements when playing under the U23 shirt in Vietnam, Vietnam team helped Cong Vinh to win 2 Golden Balls in 2006 and 2007 Perhaps, any player in the current generation U23 team in Vietnam is difficult to re-establish this achievement of Cong Vinh.

In terms of talent, this year's U23 player generation is not inferior to the men of the same team title, even better when reaching the final of the U23 Asian Championship, ranking fourth in ASIAD 18. Song U23 team Vietnam is now a very uniform group and the players themselves are not too superior to the rest, which both Van Quyen and Cong Vinh have.

Therefore, although the race of Vietnam Golden Ball in 2018 is attractive thanks to the U23 effect in Vietnam, this group of players must recline the hat in front of Van Quyen and Cong Vinh in the past.