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Nguyen Van Toan from ‘double’ to Vietnamese Olympic hero

Cập nhật: 02 thg 1, 2019 lúc tháng 1 02, 2019
Bringing Nguyen Van Toan into the yard is a tactic

Once again, the adjustment of the staff of Coach Park Hang Seo was effective. Van Toan's 108th minute goal helped the Vietnamese Olympics defeat the Syrian Olympic to gain access to the ASIAD semi-finals 2018.

Returning to the evolution of the match due to a thorough study of the strength and shortcomings of the Syrian Olympic Games, the coach Park Hang Seo made certain adjustments in the middle line and the trio attacked the Vietnamese Olympic squad. Male. He took Xuan Truong to prepare and pulled Duc Huy into a pair of stones with Quang Hai to enhance his remote defense.

Besides above, Duc Chinh and Cong Phuong were placed in stone with Van Quyet to get more harassment, putting pressure on the speed and strength of your team.

But Syria showed that it was no coincidence that the team reached the eighth round of the strongest and boldly declared the championship goal. After the first 30 minutes of the game, the Syrian Olympic opponent exploded in the last 15 minutes of the first half and the first 15 minutes of the second half with the knocks.

Before the pressure from the opponent, goalkeeper Tien Dung and the central defenders were awake to break each opponent's attack. In difficult times, Coach Park Hang Seo showed off his talent.
The decision to bring Nguyen Van Toan into the court of coach Park Hang Seo showed that his talent was used by people
He decided to take Anh Duc and Van Toan from the bench to the field. Then when entering the extra time, the duo continuously had mixed moments that shook the Syrian goal. 105 minutes, Anh Duc cushioned the ball into the penalty area for Van Toan to finish on the goal, causing goalkeeper Madnya Ahmad to struggle.

And 3 minutes later, from the pass crossing the route of Bui Tien Dung, Anh Duc finished a one-shot finish against the Syrian crossbar. The ball came out and Van Toan immediately appeared at the end of the net in the helpless defender and goalkeeper.

The 1-0 victory is preserved until the referee refuses the whistle to end the match. The Vietnam Olympics made history when it first entered the ASIAD men's soccer semifinals 18.

Silent hero

Nguyen Van Toan is not only a hero but also an unsung hero. Hai Duong's player has something similar to the former Vietnamese player Le Cong Vinh.

The reason for such comparison is that compared to the group of players in Vietnam U19, U19 Hoang Anh Gia Lai used to please fans more than 3 years ago, Nguyen Van Toan could not stand up with names like Cong Phuong, Xuan Truong and Van Thanh ... Sometimes public opinion seems to forget Nguyen Van Toan.

Remember V-League 2017, Nguyen Van Toan only has 1 goal for Hoang Anh Gia Lai. There was skepticism about Van Toan's ability to hunt. But it was in this skepticism that the Hai Duong original player showed great stature of players.

The success of Nguyễn Văn Toàn is very similar to the Vietnamese U23 which is perseverance and patience. Illustration
Nguyen Van Toan is as persistent as the way U23 Vietnam, now the Vietnam Olympic team won. Van Toan persevered in his practice, his efforts in each match promoted his strengths as technique, agility. The perseverance of desire and desire to burn the same board as Vietnam U23 under Coach Park Hang Seo persevered, calmly with his kicking style finally won the choking victory.

At Nguyen Van Toan, there is a similarity to former player Le Cong Vinh because Le Cong Vinh in the same age of Vietnamese football recorded many talents such as Van Quyen and Quoc Vuong ... then the former player Le Cong Vinh seemed faint.

However, Le Cong Vinh still silently, persevered in training, perfecting his scoring ability and eventually everyone knew Nghe's player became the number 1 striker of the Vietnamese team for a long time.

Nguyen Van Toan can see Le Cong Vinh as an example for himself, perseverance is always rewarded. With Vietnamese football fans in the match against the Syrian Olympic last night Nguyen Van Toan deserves to be a hero, a silent hero.

Nguyen Van Toan, a striker who has a tendency to be more marginalized. Since Coach Huu Thang came to Coach Park Hang Seo, Van Toan has been kicked more than a striker, the position he has been training since childhood.

Van Toan has speed, especially the ability to accelerate at a very short time. The agility and agility of Van Toan is a very useful weapon in counterattack. .

The most impressive point of Van Toan in this focus is the hair dyed purple smoke. He wanted to create a new breeze for himself as a way to win before the big tournament.