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Nguyen Van Toan: of 2013 made many people less thick

Cập nhật: 02 thg 1, 2019 lúc tháng 1 02, 2019
For a few months now, the name Nguyen Van Toan is still unfamiliar to many people. However, from the unknown place, the original Hai Duong player has emerged from the title of U.17 tournament in Football newspaper - Thai Son Nam Cup 2013 ...

In U.17 shirt color HAGL, Van Toan had an impressive performance. He possesses good personal techniques, has independent ability to play and thinks quite well. His goals in QG U.17 in July attracted a lot of attention from the professionals as well as the audience.

Van Toan was born in 1996, joined HAGL Academy - Arsenal JMG in 2007. Since then, Van Toan has improved constantly. In that modern football environment, he is taught the skills of playing football, the qualities of a professional player. And then, after months of hard work, the "wings" of Van Toan flew high.

After the U.17 tournament, Vietnam is an impressive performance in the U.19 championship in South East Asia 2013. Van Toan has exploded violently with goals: a double against Thailand, a goal against Indonesia and hat-trick against Myanmar. Toàn has shown all the qualities of a leading goalscorer in the future: fast and decisive.

Now, Van Toan has become the biggest hope of Vietnam on November 19 on the way to conquer the championship of U.19 Southeast Asia 2013. My grandparents often say "age 17 breaks the buffalo horn" and Hai Duong boys are doing extraordinary things at that age.