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Dating with Van Duc U23, "hot girl" Jade Woman has been photographed in the past, fans formed an "anti" protest

Cập nhật: 02 thg 1, 2019 lúc tháng 1 02, 2019
Not long ago, the midfielder of Song Lam Nghe An football team was entangled in "suspicion" of affection for the beauty in the top 10 Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 - Nguyen Ngoc Nu. Rumors of a relationship between the two appeared when the duo had a very happy talk during the livestream of the 1994 hot girl.
Both talk very happily

The incident did not settle down, the duo "boys of talented girls" continue to make the online community buzz when checking in at the same place. After that, the two also appeared in a challenging show about football. Here, Van Duc has a screen to carry the beautiful Ngoc Nu who runs a round of fun ball that makes the female fans not to be jealous.

The two also checked in at a location

Chang midfielder does not hesitate to openly congratulate the birthday rumors
Van Duc carried Ngoc Nu around the grass

Before that, in the match for round 3 of V.League 2018, Nguyen Ngoc Nu was present at Thong Nhat cheering Phan Van Duc and teammates beat Ho Chi Minh City Club. Not only that, mainly working in Hanoi but beautiful people hardly miss any match of SLNA at home. This makes many fans doubt that Vietnam's U23 player is dating Ngoc Nu.

When the rumors of dating Van Duc appeared, Ngoc Nu said that she and Song Lam Nghe An midfielder had a beautiful friendship so hopefully this rumor will stop so that they both focus on the best for the job. Towards Phan Van Duc, the 1996 midfielder confirmed that they were just friends, he now only focused, trying to play well to bring achievements for SLNA, and the love story for a while. 

Although both deny it, the evidence provided by netizens can see that Van Duc and Ngoc Nu have a rather special relationship. This has caused fans of the striker to be unhappy, they set up many societies, the group boycotted the girl, claiming that Ngoc Nu is not worthy of Van Duc.