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Duy Mạnh: Tel Vietnam please be pragmatic, winning is the most important

Cập nhật: 02 thg 1, 2019 lúc tháng 1 02, 2019
Together with Que Ngoc Hai, Tran Dinh Trong and Do Duy Manh formed the trio of steel defenders in front of the goal Dang Van Lam. Passing the journey of claiming the title at AFF Cup 2018, Vietnam defense players only conceded 4 goals after 8 matches.

Vietnam's success in general and the strategy of Park Hang-seo coach in particular have smashed the contrary public opinion saying that "Golden Stars" need more ball and limit pragmatism. Sharing his views on Mr. Park's philosophy of playing football on Zing, Duy Manh said: "I think there is no big deal. If Vietnam is playing with flowers but not getting good results, everyone So I think, we go on playing practically and bring back victory, that's important.

In recent 2018 tournaments, the loss to the Korean Olympic Games still made me regret until now. The whole team has consistently followed Mr. Park's direction, tried to keep for 60 minutes and intends to play with his team at the remaining 30 minutes. But we did not do well because of physical fitness. Anyway, the opponent is very strong and deserves to go on. "

Currently, Do Duy Manh has joined forces with 26 players to prepare for the 2019 Asian Cup campaign. There, Vietnam Tel will meet Iraq (January 8), Iran (January 12) and Yemen (16 / 01)